Ethics in the New World of Corporate Social Responsibility

Challenges Facing Attorneys and the Clients They Serve | taught by Linda Lattimore
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Linda  Lattimore
Linda Lattimore
CSI Founder, Attorney, Social Entrepreneur

About the Instructor

Accredited Texas CLE: Participatory 1.5 Hrs, Ethics 1.5 Hrs

NY Approved Jurisdiction Policy Applies: 1.5 Hrs

Are we adequately prepared and competent to advise our clients as sector (for profit, not for profit, governmental, citizen) responsibilities overlap and blur? Trends in social responsibility initiatives, previously a “nice to have” are today the norm with consumers more steadily buying from “Values” driven companies as opposed to “Value” driven ones. Employees, particularly the millennials, are asking to work for companies that show concern for their communities and the planet. Shareholder profiles have started to change reflecting a growing interest in companies that work at achieving sustainability by looking at the triple bottom line rather than immediate return.

How can we assist our clients as they walk the balance beam between shareholder return and social impact? Are we equipped to guide them through a morass of new regulations and directives when social responsibility programs may result in conflicting directions from management, investors and employees of the client? Are we prepared to “walk the talk in our own practices and legal departments?”


  • Understanding the impact of soft law as a precursor to hard law.
    • New international regulations (i.e. India 2% Rule).
    • New corporate structures (i.e. benefits corps, flexible purpose corps).
    • New sector partnerships and multiple stakeholder conflicts.
  • The effects of Supply Chain contracting and expanded burdens on attorneys.
  • The ethical dilemmas facing attorneys such as:
    • When business ethics and legal ethics differ.
    • When client engagement letters/policies differ with those of external counsel.
    • When transparency and confidentiality are polar opposites.
  • Our roles as leaders and beacons of justice in a transparent world demanding ethical behavior.

*** This class expires 6/2/2017***

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Survey
2.0 hrs